Day 2 - DR Update

The harvest is huge and ripe! But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Lord to send many more workers to harvest.

Matthew 9:35-38

This was from our daily devotional today, and we want to explain it in the context of our missions’ trip. The verse is very simple in the fact that we are the workers, all of us Christians, and the harvest is there to bring in by us spreading the gospel. This verse very specifically says ‘the harvest is huge and ripe,’ and we are to reap it.

Today we had the chance to go to the Open Walls church in Los Alcarizzos. I can say this was the hottest church service I’ve ever been in. The pastor explained that Christianity is a faith of freedom. We have a choice, it’s pretty funny in our room as I’m writing we are listening to No Longer a Slave to Fear, which beautifully illustrates the idea of the freedom of Christianity.

Linking back to our devotions, we have a choice, to be workers for God, to reap the harvest, and that’s exactly what each of us has been called to do.

After the church service we all went on a walk into the community and got to see what these people’s lives really do look like. This was a huge eye opener because although these people live in poverty they aren’t mad about it. They depend on each other and mostly on God.  Its so emotional when you see people like this really use God’s power and letting us see it in action. God’s will, will be done here on earth just as in Heaven and it was amazing to really see that right in front of our faces.

~ Matt & Aaron