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Next Freedom Session starts October 10th.


What is Freedom Session?

Freedom Session is a life-changing, healing-discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts. 

Freedom Session encourages us to look honestly at how we deal with the challenges and troubles in life. It asks us to look into our past experiences, our strengths and our weaknesses, and challenges us to replace character defects with the character of God. 

Freedom Session is writing your story with a new and God-inspired ending.

“Freedom session was a journey that took me back to the deepest hurts so that I could remember God's love for me, at the point where the lies took hold and made me forget. It was an inner heart surgery in order for me to let go of the false beliefs that were imprinted and, instead, learn to think and live truly as the creation God had originally intended.“ – Jenna

Who is Freedom Session For?

Freedom Session has proven effective for people from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every possible area of woundedness.


Young adults planning for marriage who want to deal with some of the mistakes they’ve made in the past or hurtful memories endured while growing up.

Those currently going through a painful relationship breakdown. 

Men and women struggling with purity issues such as pornography, and sexual addiction

People who compulsively use food, alcohol and/or drugs to alter their moods or avoid dealing with life.

People with less obvious issues in their lives (anger, control, isolation, frozen emotions, sarcasm, codependent relationships) who are seeking wholeness & significance.

Those who’ve been wounded through physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.

Those who are just ready to give up, or already have given up and settled for a life of mediocrity.  


We are all on a journey. We all want to be loved, find meaning and hope in this life and in our relationships. We’ve all been broken to some degree, and we all need a measure of healing. Freedom Session is for Everyone!

"It was time to face the truth of my past and all the garbage I had brought into my relationship with Christ. Freedom Session helped me along with a support team of individuals to find what real freedom was and the very reason Jesus Christ went and died on the cross. Freedom Session helped me to get real with God, myself and others.” - Clark

What is the Format?

Freedom Session is a 29-week video based program. Each week consists of:

  • Large group video teaching

  • Small groups of 6-8 people (same gender) discuss the session and review the workbook questions

Freedom Session meets every Thursday evening 7:00 - 9:00 pm at the Orangeville site. Cost is $25/workbook.