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Lead Pastor

Compass - Website Headshots - Andrew.jpg

Andrew Gordon

Lead Pastor



Lead Team

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Julianne August

Executive Director


Compass - Website Headshots - Jay (2).jpg

Jay Wagstaff

Site Director - Shelburne



Compass - Website Headshots - Carolyn.jpg

Carolyn Chang

Compass Kids Administrative Coordinator

Compass - Website Headshots - Catherine- 1-3.jpg

Catherine Allison

Finance Coordinator

Compass Elders - Website Headshots - Don Allison - 1.jpg

Don Allison

Director of Global Ministry

Compass - Website Headshots - David (2).jpg

David Aukema

Communications Coordinator


Deb Wagstaff

Site Director - Shelburne

Compass - Website Headshots - 1-3.jpg

Erin Karklins

Director of Administrative Operations

Compass - Website Headshots - Jen.jpg

Jen Vis

Group Life Coordinator

Compass - Website Headshots - Larisa.jpg

Larisa Karklins

Connections Coordinator

Compass - Website Headshots - Mary Jane.jpg

Mary Jane Gerber

Director of Children's Ministry



Director of Finance, Compass Run for Food Coordinator

Compass Headshot - Peter.png

Peter Ainley

A/V Coordinator

Compass - Website Headshots - Rebecca.jpg

Rebecca Bruce

Building and Property Coordinator

Compass - Website Headshots - Rod - 1.jpg

Rod Vis

Director of Student Ministry

Compass - Website Headshots - Stan.jpg

Stan Johnston

Pastoral Care Coordinator


Our Elders

The Elders are responsible for shepherding God’s flock (1 Peter 5:2).

This includes: caring for and keeping watch over our church family; fostering the spiritual development of our body; teaching and equipping our congregation; upholding sound doctrine and refuting error; overseeing the process of church discipline; and ensuring that the direction of our church is biblical, vision oriented, and mission driven.

Currently Serving Elders:

Bill Murdoch

Don Allison

Ken Derksen

Matt Croft

Mark Hicks

Mike Barlow

Rick Clark

Ryan Tupper

You can connect with our Board of Elders by emailing


Each year we ask those who are part of our community to participate in the nomination of Elders who serve on our church board. In this process, we ask you to recommend those who you believe are gifted and called to be Elders. This is a significant leadership responsibility, and this is an important process for us as a church. Therefore, we ask you to spend time in prayer, reflection, conversation with others and then submit your suggestions using this form. Recommendations will be prayerfully considered by our current Elders team and a final slate of proposed Elders for the coming year will be presented for vote to the congregation at the next AGM.

We are thankful for the godly Elders that God has given us over the years. Elders function as the Board of Directors for our church, with overall responsibility for governance in keeping with the Compass by-laws. Elders also work with the Lead Pastor to provide spiritual oversight and leadership, care for the church’s spiritual condition, and maintain a focused understanding of the church’s vision. Elders are elected on a three year term and can serve for two consecutive terms. New terms begin in September.

Elder Qualifications Specific to Compass:

  • Agreement with our mission, vision, values, and ministry plan. Protect and uphold the unity of the church in a multisite context.

  • Actively participating in the life of the church.

  • Able to give time and energy to the oversight of Compass.

  • A male member in good standing who has been in membership at Compass Community Church for at least one year.

(See 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9 for the biblical qualifications for an Elder)

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