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Most of us have experienced the powerful and even calming effect of the insight of a person with godly wisdom. The big question is how does one gain this kind of wisdom? Scripture makes it clear that it does not happen by accident, but rather when we seek it like searching for a hidden treasure (Proverbs 2:1-22). Time spent with Proverbs makes a heart wise

 Author, Max Lucado describes the Book of Proverbs as, “a collection of lamps...Lamps that do for your heart what lamps in your house do for your eyes. They chase away the darkness.” Proverbs turns on the lamps in the dark corners of life.

 This summer we are challenging you to read through a Proverb a day.  If you will, God will flip on more than a few lights for you. Since Proverbs has 31 chapters, a practical way to do this is to daily read the chapter that corresponds to the day of the month and consider these questions:

  • What applies to me today?

  • Where have I seen this in others?

  • Where have I experienced this?

 As you do this from day to day, know that you will be storing up for yourself insight on how to handle life as God would want you to, as well as helping others do the same and experience the wisdom and guidance of our Creator.

Options to Maximize Your Reading of Proverbs:

1. Pick a Time
If we want to make something happen, we usually need to set a time when it will actually happen. Consider your options.

2. Mark it Up
Have a pen in hand to jot down notes and underline those verses that catch your attention. It will be encouraging to look back at what you wrote after you’ve done this over time.

3. Write Down Your Thoughts
Get a notebook and write down anytime you have a response to one of the three questions above.

4. Use an App
Below are two apps that have Proverbs reading plans for your smartphone, tablet or computer. There is even an audio option for listening instead of reading. Each app allows you to mark up verses, jot down notes, as well as share your thoughts with friends.

5. Ease Up
If you miss a day reading, don’t stress and say, “Forget about it”. Just pick it up the next day and keep going!