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Jesus clearly said that the local church exists to make disciples. One of the important steps in the disciple-making process is believer’s baptism, a public proclamation of the amazing work of grace that Jesus has done in a life.

What is Baptism?
  • It’s a symbol – a picture demonstrated openly and publicly to tell others what God did for you when you became a believer.
  • It’s a backward look – at the resurrection of Jesus Christ as evidence that His death was sufficient for your sins.
  • It’s a present identification – by obeying Jesus and being baptized, you are identifying yourself as a disciple of Jesus Christ. You are making a public declaration that God is in control of your life and that you want to follow Jesus.
  • It’s a commitment for the future – this symbol of baptism signifies a genuine spiritual reality in your life. You are telling everyone that you are dead to sin, alive to God, and free to serve and follow Jesus Christ (Romans 6:6-13; 22-23).
Baptism Worksheet Outline:

Download the Baptism Worksheet

The next baptism services are happening on Sunday, April 23 in both Orangeville and Shelburne. Fill out the form below if you are looking for more information on baptism and / or if would like to be baptized at Compass: