Young Adult Mission Team - Day 2

Our second day in the Dominican Republic began differently than the first. Rather than looking forward to a day of rest, we prepared ourselves for a day of physical labour in the sun. After a delicious breakfast, we donned our work clothes, layered on the sun screen, hopped on the bus, and headed from Los Alcarrizos to Villa Altagracia, the community that will be the highly anticipated The Lighthouse’s second site. We were all stoked to get to work, and there was definitely an air of joy that was infectious. During the short bus ride, there were many laugh-filled conversations about the TV shows we watched as kids, and we felt so honoured to be a part of a team that is not only willing to serve a community that they don’t call home, but who also feel blessed to have the opportunity to do so.

The work in the morning was pretty straight forward. In teams of four, we tied lengths of rebar together to support concrete beams that we would help pour later in the afternoon. After a few hours of that, we took a tour of Villa Altagracia. As we interacted with a half a dozen kids who excitedly followed us, we got a better idea of who the locals were. Also, we started to see and understand what kind of transformation and growth could happen in that community through both the vocational school we were working on that day, and the water treatment facility that past teams have already had helped with.    

After the afternoon siesta, we got back to work by helping with the mixing, moving and pouring of a concrete beam that extended around the entire top of the future vocational school’s perimeter wall. We had bucket fillers, bucket dumpers, wheel barrow pushers, bucket passers, and a mixer-man. It was VERY messy! Eventually, under Felix’s guidance, we became more and more in sync as a team while doing our jobs. Although we got half-decent at it, it is still so humbling to serve by doing something you’re not familiar with. Whether that’s concrete, rebar, or working with children, I’m reminded of how Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Real service is messy and can get uncomfortable at times—BUT—it’s also very practical. All of us here can agree that it is a tremendous blessing to be a part of what the Lighthouse is doing here: real work that makes a real impact that convinces and leads people to know God’s love for them.  

Looking ahead to tomorrow, we will have a more intentional interaction with the kids with a full afternoon of activities and games to intimately connect with the kids and the community. Prayerfully, God is able to use us to not only bless the kids, but also to be salt and light in the bigger picture: the community.

Josh & Addison