Young Adult Mission Team - Day 4

Hello everyone, it’s the one and a half Germans! (Saskia and Rachel) On this LIT Wednesday in the Dominican Republic we started our day with roof top devotions, and the SUN WAS ALREADY SHINING!! After our lit (Saskias new English word) breakfast, we got ready for our third day of playing with kids and being covered in concrete!

For the morning we went to the Open Walls Church in the community outside of the Lighthouse to run a kids program of sports and crafts. This experience was very special for me (Rachel) because on a previous trip in 2014 I helped lay the first couple layers of bricks for this church, and now I was able to take part in using the building for a ministry opportunity. For the children’s program we were told to expect 30 kids, but then when the bus arrived we watched 60 kids flood into the church (this is pretty classic for the Dominican culture). Our first game was a little bit of a scramble, it was called the pluck the chicken. Since we had to accommodate for the 60 kids we had three ‘chickens’ in the game, Caleb, Saskia and Rachel. Once the ‘chickens’ were covered in duck-tape and feathers, the children were unleashed to chase after the ‘chickens’ and pluck them. For the remaining time we had with the kids we ran stations of bracelet making, coloring Canadian flags, frisbee and jump rope. Before the kids left, Josh was able to treat each of them with a special animal balloon, which was a big hit!

For the afternoon it was back to sunburns and concrete. Upon our arrival at the construction site we were greeted with children yelling “Americano!”. Each day that we have worked at this site we have been overwhelmed by the welcoming of the children (in a good way). Our task for the afternoon was to complete a side walk and finish the wall! The wall that we spent the majority of the afternoon (and everyday prior) was to be used as a fence around the new vocational school property. Today was a very hot, sweaty day as it was humid from the night of rain. Our team was also tired and sore from the previous days of work. Nevertheless, our team worked hard and longer than the other days. With some scraps, bruises, concrete in the eyes, and sweat the team was able to finish the wall. This was a LIT last day of construction.

After a long hard day of work, the team took a siesta at the pool, spending time laughing and cooling off. Finishing our day with team devotions, talking about kindness and trying to be mindful of our actions. Jen Vis challenged us to try and be 10% kinder to those we interact with from day to day (based off a sermon from Compass a few months ago). Following our devotion time we talked about our plans for the next couple of days, because we only have a COUPLE days left?! (that’s NOT lit). Now we are looking forward to the possible opportunities of the days to follow, but still being mindful that our time in the Dominican is coming to a close.

Remember, drink lots of agua, (and stay LIT)

Saskia and Rachel