Young Adult Mission team - Day 3

Hi! It’s Julie and Ayla, coming in at you from the DR. Today was hot and sunny with a high of thirty-one, and some slight precipitation. Here in Dominican we enjoy the rain while we are working on site. Due to the increased humidity, bugs were more prevalent today, so please pray for our bug bitten covered legs. Although we have been sun burnt, bitten, sweaty and dirty, God has given us a reason to smile through it all.

Our third day placed at the Lighthouse has continued to open our eyes and allowed us to see how committed the workers are to improve their community alongside us. We have begun to take notice in the cultural difference of their work ethic and the devotion they have with how little they receive in return for their work. Due to our long day of construction work yesterday, we are now beginning to feel the effects, ourselves, of the physical labour in such a hot climate. Throughout the day, we made the work fun and shared lots of laughs by naming our bucket assembly line “Felix and the Bucket Babes”, which included: Felix (duh!), Jen (rocking fellow 21 yr old leader), Rachel, Julie, and Ayla. At the end of work today, on the bus ride home, there were definitely a lot more napping members and sore aches and pains. While the group was taking a water break from mixing and pouring cement, we discussed the fact that the Dominican workers, who were on site with us, rarely take a break and work much longer hours than we do – EVERYDAY. Along with yesterday’s same jobs on the site, we also poured remaining cement for a sidewalk outside this future school. With little tasks, such as building a sidewalk, we’ve begun to realize just what little necessities we take for granted. Where we see a sidewalk as somewhere to conveniently walk, they now have protection for their housing when heavy rain begins to flow and somewhere safe to walk when pedestrians aren’t watched for.

For our second half of the day, a group of school kids - preschool and grade 3 - came to the lighthouse to play games with us. We planned a game of flag tag to begin, which resulted in a bunch of kids huddled in the centre of the basketball court ripping flags off of each other, BUT they loved it! The language barrier makes it difficult to fully explain the rules of the games, so we had help from our friend Danaerys. Then Rachel organized games with the parachute – shout out to Compass, WHOOP! The kids really enjoyed playing “Cat and Mouse” and hiding underneath the parachute. Again, it is incredible to realize the kids’ ability to continually exert energy, despite the scorching sun. Finally, we ran stations of different crafts that the kids could participate in. The crafts were: wire bracelet making, decorating hair bands/clips, and colouring both Dominican and Canadian flags. It was amazing to see the joy the children had while making such simple crafts.

Earlier this morning during our devotions, we learned about patience. Tonight, when we reflected back on our day, it dawned on us that the history of the old building that we are currently working on is developing into God’s plan for the community. In the 80’s the building was a disco/bar, where women worked to provide for their family. This building was broken, but God has taken it and is using it to provide a safe place for children and youth to come and learn. Additionally, God has given it to the lighthouse as a place to commune and continue their outreach program. “For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8:24-25.

 Stay tuned to see some of our friends in a chicken suit.