Young Adult Mission Team - Day 5

Today we spent our time in Los Alcarrizos away from the other worksite, but closer to the work that has already been done here. We had the opportunity to see the beauty salon for cosmetology and give it a fresh coat of paint. It was a much more relaxed pace compared to the construction we’d been doing the previous days, but gave our team the chance to slow down and to take in the difference that the LightHouse has already made in this community.

Afterwards, we were taken on a tour of the water treatment facilities. It was amazing to be able to see the fresh, clean water flowing into the community and the jobs that it has created. We got to see them cleaning and re-using the jugs, refilling them and sending them back with clean water at an affordable cost. We learned that the water treatment facility has directly provided 14 jobs in the community, as will the facility in Villa Altagracia once it is completed.

In the afternoon, we had more kids to play with! There were 28 kids who came from a LightHouse satellite school to do some crafts, relay races and games. This was a real blessing because we got to simply show the children how loved they are. These children surprised us at how well behaved they were, but it was because they do not often get a chance to simply play and doing crafts. Something that is so ordinary to us Canadians such as letting kids play games like this, was such a privilege to them. It was really meaningful to engage with them in this way. My (Sydney) favourite part was doing spontaneous handstands and cartwheels with some of the boys, who then wanted to teach me to do flips! These kids are so joyful to be a part of the opportunities that the lighthouse gives to them – a chance to be kids and perhaps forget about the challenges they face daily.

We are approaching the end of our time here now, and it’s challenging to think we are leaving in a few days. The Lord has truly been faithful in this time, providing a spiritual refresh to so many of us. We are physically tired, but so filled with the Holy Spirit, it’s really incredible. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for us!

Much love from the team,

~ Sydney and Emily