Day 5 - DR Team Update

Hey guys last day of hard work, whoop whoop! So basically, we started the day at 7:30am on the roof for our daily devos, yay! After we finished devos we had to do the most important thing of the day……eat breakfast, yum. Without it we would probably have had no energy for the hard day ahead. We took a nice stroll to the other side of the compound, where we got to visit the school. We met many kids (mainly grades one and two) and made many memories that we will remember forever.

We had two stations set up, crafts and soccer-baseball, what a fun time. The kids were full of joy and happiness! It was so cool to watch and interact with each kid individually. Even though there is a language barrier we were able to use hand gestures and the few words that we did know to communicate with them. When our time was up we asked D (one of the amazing staff here) if we were able to stay a little bit longer with the kids while the others went back to work at the compound. We were able to stay and had so much more fun! We sang and danced with the kids for hours, it was such an amazing experience that we will never forget. When we finally had to leave it was hard to as all the kids hugged us and kept saying things like “don’t leave, I am going to miss you so much” it was truly heartwarming to be a part of such a special moment in their lives (and ours).  Before we knew it, hours had passed and so we went back to go clean up and get ready for lunch.    

Once we finished lunch we had a 2-hour siesta, aka tanning time! Once we burnt up we threw on our work clothes but because we were working in the community we had to follow a certain dress code. We got dressed and loaded up in the back of a pickup truck and went for a short drive into the community to the Open Walls Church to paint over the walls that were built by past teams. The three of us were assigned to paint the door of the church with Felix (aka. the best guy ever). We had very special paint (oil based) so it took us extra long to get off our bodies lol. Once we finished our last day of work we went back to the compound to have dinner, dessert, debrief and get a good night’s rest before another big day tomorrow.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone for all the prayers, they are greatly appreciated! See you all on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios for now

Love from, Victoria, Victoria and Sofia (WH!)