Day 4 - Windsor Team Update

Wednesday saw more campers again!

Our morning camp times at Ambassador have been such a joy. We arrive each morning for breakfast at 8am and by 8:30, everyone just kinda moves into their roles. Greeters move to the doors, registration table just happens, craft and science supplies come out, and so on. This team moves like a well oiled machine!

You’ll see from the pictures that we had another great day of Compass Camps at Ambassador.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit Matthew House and listen to the stories of a few refugees and newcomers to Canada. It was an eye opening experience for many of us as we listen to their journeys to Canada. They wanted to thank us and brought out some food they enjoy from their places of birth. I wasn’t sure how the students would like the ‘different’ looking food, but it didn’t take long for them to eat it all!

We finished with some high fives and hugs and a promise that we’ll return again next year. A number of the students have already asked if we can go back this week sometime.

We then returned to Ambassador to help with a ministry called, Feeding Windsor. This is a community meal that the church hosts every Wednesday. Tymon lead us in a short devotional and we served and eat with people needing a meal in the community. Students did great serving and cleaning up afterwards.

Enjoy the pictures and we’ll chat again tomorrow.