Day 3 - DR Team Update

Buenos Dias from the Dominican Republic!!! Our day started early for devotions at 7:30am. Today’s focus was the story of Moses and how God used him despite all of his reasonings why he was not the right person for the job. We were able to relate to how Moses felt as we have also been called to serve the same God on this trip.

We went back to Villa Altagracia to do a full day of construction #gonnabejacked but instead of building the walls and leveling the floors at a church, our goal today was to build the walls around a vocational school. This school will help teach people of all ages trade skills, so they can get a job. The unemployment rate is about 72% in a community of 9,000 people. The school will offer classes in mechanics #vroomvroom, construction #buildawall, English as a second language #hola #hello and beauty salon #snipsnip  #haircuts.

During lunch and siesta (free time in the afternoon to energize for more work), there was a huge thunderstorm that cooled us off from the morning’s scorching sun #wildtimes. Then we returned to the vocational school to finish off the work we started in the morning. Despite the rain, we were able to work hard and finish two levels of bricks and concrete.

We ended our time in Villa Altagracia with a walk through the community. It was an eye-opening experience to see the poverty that is so prominent there. Most of the houses, which consist of only one room lack proper sanitation. The children were thrilled that the “Americanos” had arrived #wearecanadian #awkward. The kids found so much joy in simply holding our hands and walking with us. We finished our day with our nightly debrief and reflection on the day’s activities.

So much love to all of you (shout out to Jay Wagstaff and Rod Vis) and thanks for keeping us in your prayers. See you soon!

Love Hannah and Laura <3