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Home Groups

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we want to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Small groups provide a great environment for this to take place.

Compass Home Groups
Are small groups a biblical concept?

Definitely! Jesus spent three years discipling twelve men — if that’s not a small group, what is? And the book of Acts repeatedly records that the early church assembled together “from house to house.”

What are some of the features of a small group?

– Participation in a small group provides you with opportunities to:
– Develop meaningful relationships with others.
– Pursue a fuller understanding and application of God’s Word.
– Minister to others through prayer and practical care.

Where do small groups fit in our church’s overall philosophy of ministry?

We challenge everyone who considers Compass their church to prioritize four things:

– Sundays – encounter God corporately through musical worship and the preaching of the Word.
– Small Group – experience life transformation in community with others.
– Serve – discover your spiritual gift, and use it in the right way and the right place.
– Share – communicate God’s love to those around you in word and deed.

As you can see, small groups are absolutely vital to our philosophy of ministry. They are at the heart of what it means to fully participate at Compass.

Are there different kinds small groups?

Our men’s and women’s ministries are based on the small group model, and our ministry to seniors includes a weekly small group. We also offer numerous home groups with a mixture of couples and singles at all ages and life stages.

When do home groups meet?

At the present time, home groups meet on Sunday evenings and midweek evenings.

How frequently do home groups meet?

This varies from group to group, but most get together two to three times a month.

How long do home groups meet?

Home groups generally meet for about two hours.

Where do home groups meet?

Home groups meet in Orangeville, Shelburne, and Grand Valley.

What about kids?

Each home group strives to work out a suitable childcare plan. This may involve individual or shared babysitting, or rotating supervision by the group members. We don’t want childcare concerns to hinder participation.

What do home groups study?

Home groups study various materials that have been approved by our staff and Elders. They also may use sermon-based curriculum that reinforces the Sunday morning message.